#BestTrained Results from #FloKickoffClassic

Below are  results for 2014 Kickoff Classic for Best Trained Wrestling.

6 and Under


60lbs- Teagan Ruble 2nd place

8 and Under


43lbs- Zach Siatka 5th place

10 and Under


73lbs-  Angelo Ferrari 3rd place

12 and Under

70lbs- Cade Morgan 4th place

73lbs-  Braxton Brown 2nd place

76lbs-  Anthony Ferrari 3rd place

15 and Under

108lbs-  A.J. Ferrari 3rd place

145lbs-  Braeden Redlin 3rd place

157lbs- Ryan Angeloni 3rd place

Congrats to all, and we are back in the room and putting in work to keep improving!

Author: kerrybest

I'm a marketing manager for high tech company who loves anything creative. As long as I'm making something, I'm pretty happy. So I spend most of my spare time making things I love for people I love (which includes myself :)))

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