#BestTrained 2018 Camp Enrollment Now Open

2018 Camp Enrollment Now Open!

June 4-6, 2018

Chris Perry– Asst Coach, Oklahoma State University – 2X NCAA Champion – 3X All American

Tyler Caldwell- 4X NCAA All American – 2X NCAA Finalist

Jerry Best – Head Coach, Allen High School

In this exclusive camp, coaches will train campers on:

  • Chain drilling from neutral position
  • Chain drilling from top position
  • Setups and finishes for high crotches, low singles, sweep singles, duck-unders, drags, inside trips, and throws.

This camp is open to wrestlers going into 6th grade and above. It will be very rigorous with at least one hour of live wrestling each day.

Complete the Enrollment Form and send $100 deposit by May 18, 2018 to grab your spot!

Details included in the enrollment form, including schedule, times and location.

Cost: $200

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