2020 Best Trained Freestyle and Greco Program is open for enrollment

In this exclusive program, coaches will train on:
  • Chain drilling from neutral position
  • Setups and finishes for high crotches, low singles, sweep singles, duck unders, drags, inside trips, and throws.
  • Top position for Freestyle and Greco Roman will be covered
  • Bottom defense for Freestyle and Greco Roman

This program is very rigorous with at least 30 minutes of live wrestling each day.

Practice Schedule: Freestyle/Greco Season:
March 16th, 2020 – July 2020 ~ M, T & Th 6:00pm
Program Cost: $150 (includes club fees and USA card) additional equipment can be selected below*
**If the wrestler already has a USA card, please subtract $40.00 off the cost – advanced verification of USA card required**

 *Discounts for multiple family members & payment schedules available. Equipment can be ordered separately.

Fee & Enrollment form due by March 16th, 2020. 
Checks made payable to Best Trained
Form and Payment may be mailed-in if received by 3/2/2020:
Best Trained Wrestling, LLC
701 Sycamore Creek Rd
Allen, TX 75002

Pay in full

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


Follow Best Trained on Twitter for updates – @BTWrestle 

Contact Coach Best * Phone: 214.244.9037 *

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